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Missions Supported by Bethel

Bethel supports the following ministries: Local Benevolence, San Jacinto Baptist Association, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, North American Mission Board, International Mission Board, and Global Hunger Relief.

Missions Ministries

Local Benevolence

Bethel supports the needy in our local community by providing food and other items, as available and as requested. Please click the Local Benevolence button for additional information.

San Jacinto Baptist Association

Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

The SBTC exists to facilitate, extend, and enlarge the Great Commission ministries of Southern Baptist churches and associations in Texas and the Southern Baptist Convention, upon the authority of God’s inerrant Word to the glory of God the Father, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Please click the SBTC Website​ button for additional information.

North American Mission Board

North America’s needs are great. Children go hungry. Neighborhoods become disaster zones after storms. Entire communities have no church presence and no one to tell them about the hope found in Christ.
It doesn’t have to be this way; God has a plan to reach North America: the Church. The Church feeds neighbors in need. The Church removes storm debris. The Church establishes new churches in areas with no gospel presence. The North American Mission Board (NAMB) is here to help.
We help equip churches to be on mission in their own communities and across the continent. Through compassion ministry, church planting, chaplaincy and disaster relief, we help congregations go to the lost and hurting. Please click the NAMB Website​ button for additional information.

International Mission Board

Global Hunger Relief

Established in 1978 as the World Hunger Fund, Global Hunger Relief (GHR) is an initiative of the Southern Baptist Convention dedicated to combating hunger and sharing the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ. Missions-focused GHR projects are carried out by Send Relief, a joint ministry of the North American Mission Board and International Mission Board. Please click the Global Hunger Relief Website​ button for additional information.

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