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Find the Warmth of Family, the Welcome of Grace, and the Love of Jesus at Bethel.

Why should I attend Bethel Baptist Church?

Verse by Verse Expository Preaching

Our pastor is currently preaching, verse by verse, through the Gospel of Luke during the Sunday Morning Worship Service. On Sunday evening, he is leading us through the book of Galatians, and on Wednesday evening we have a prayer service along with the study of the Baptist Faith and Message.  Previously we have studied Jonah1 Peter, and Psalm 119. For information on previous studies, please click on the Media Ministry button below.


Traditional Music

During each service we worship through music and songs from our hymnal, which include both traditional hymns and favorite choruses.  In addition, we celebrate our Lord through song during the "Fifth Sunday Music and Fellowship Service," when many songs are selected by the congregation, after which a church-wide fellowship is enjoyed.

All are Welcome at Bethel

You are Welcome at Bethel. Click on the buttons below to see what to expect or to get directions.


Find the Warmth of Family, the Welcome of Grace, and the Love of Jesus at Bethel.

Bethel Sanctuary decorated for the Christmas Ssason.

Decorated for Christmas Season

Sunday Worship, 10:50 am

Sunday Evening Service, 6:00 pm

Midweek Service, Wednesday 6:30 pm

Bethel Baptist Church building

What is it like at Bethel?


Here at Bethel you're surrounded by a church family who desires to walk through each season of life together.


No matter who you are, where you have been, or where you are currently in life's journey, you are welcome here!

Bethel consists of unique individuals from many different walks of life, just like you!


Sometimes this life can be hard to navigate. At Bethel, you are not alone. You will find a church family that truly bears one another's burdens, and genuinely loves one another--not in a general sense, but specifically, as individuals.

The gospel isn't just good news. It's great news!

About Us

The gospel isn't just good news. It's great news!

We believe the gospel is more than simply a list of rules or statements. It's believing what God the Father has done in Jesus Christ the Son through the cross. This good news changes everything. The gospel isn't just true and good, it's the best news anyone could ever receive!

For all of us, what we believe shapes how we live. As a Southern Baptist Church we affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. For information about this document, please click below.

Our Calling

Authentic Faith

At Bethel Baptist Church of Deer Park, we pursue the Glory of God through worship, ministry, giving and education. We strive to connect with Jesus Christ and to each other, in order to magnify His name. At the heart of everything we do is the understanding that we must love God with all our hearts, with all our souls, and with all our minds, and to treat our neighbors as we wish to be treated. (Mark 12:30-31)


Being Transformed Every Day

How You Can Grow

The gospel cuts straight through every worldly divide and changes everything. Who Jesus is and what He's done is the best news anyone could ever receive. With Jesus Christ we can be authentic about our struggles, and be embraced by His Grace. You'll have the opportunity to make deep lasting friendships, grow in your relationship with Jesus, and take the good news wherever you go.

At Bethel, you'll find several ways to grow in your relationship with the Lord Jesus beyond Sundays.

Grow Through Preaching

We invite you to listen to past Sunday morning messages on Facebook.

Grow Through Bible Study

At Bethel there are Bible studies for all ages to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.



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