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Churchwide Fellowships

Churchwide Fellowships Photo

Bethel has regular Churchwide Fellowships, as well as a Fall Family Event, a Thanksgiving Feast, and a Christmas Eve Service.

Churchwide Fellowships

Churchwide Fellowships vary from pot luck to catered meals. In all cases the food and fellowship is exceptional. Please click on the Sunday Evening Fellowships button for more information.

Fall Family Event

The Fall Family Event is held in October and is usually held outside with a variety of activities which are fun for all. Please click on the Fall Family Event button for more information.

Thanksgiving Feast

The Thanksgiving Feast is held in November and is a cornucopia of food and fellowship in celebration of Thanksgiving. Please click on the Thanksgiving Feast button for more information.

Christmas Eve Service

The Christmas Eve Service is a special time to remember the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, The Lord. Please click on the Christmas Eve Service button for more information.

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